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Sewer main clog causes

Help prevent sewer line blockages by being aware of what goes down your drains

A sewer main clog causes a major inconvenience in your household. Let the edu plumber show you how to avoid this unpleasant situation.

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Septic tank additives: Yea or nay?

Regular septic tank maintenance

Let the edu plumber teach you some common concerns about septic tank additives, and why in some cases you might want to use them anyway.

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Reasons to have your septic tank pumped

Neglecting your septic tank system could lead to a total system failure

When should you get your septic tank pumped? The edu plumber answers this question for homeowners who are not connected to a city sewer system.

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Unclogging a toilet: 5 clever ways to get the job done

Unclogging a toilet

Unclogging a toilet is especially difficult without the right tools on hand, but don’t despair. The edu plumber shows you how to get the job done.

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Dry drain: Causes and solutions

Dry drains might require the use of a power snake

Prolonged drain inactivity can cause dry drain, leading to plumbing problems such as clogs and pipe damage. The edu plumber tells you how to prevent this.

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Overflowing washing machine drain pipe: What to do when it happens to you

What to do if your washer overflows

Several circumstances can cause and overflowing washing machine drain pipe. Let the edu plumber teach you how to handle — and prevent — this situation.

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The difference between hard and soft water, and how it affects your plumbing

Is hard water bad for my plumbing?

The difference between hard and soft water is the amount of dissolved minerals present. The edu plumber lists the pros and cons of each type of water.

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18 interesting facts about toilets

Facts about toilets

How much do you really know about toilets? Let the edu plumber educate you with these interesting facts about toilets.

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Carbon monoxide safety for water heaters

Carbon monoxide safety

Carbon monoxide safety means more than having your CO detectors installed. Keep your water heater CO safe with these tips from the edu plumber.

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3 types of water heaters every homeowner should consider

Tankless water heater

Upgrading the energy efficiency of your Roswell home? The edu plumber will help you take a closer look at the types of water heaters on the market.

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