Frozen Pipe Repair

In February of Atlanta 2014, the Metro area experienced a freezing it has never experienced before, as Hotlanta soon became Iceland and had people immobilized due to heavy snow and freezing temperatures.  Motorists were not the only people affected as numerous homes experienced burst pipes that caused significant water damage to their home.  Georgia contractors never took the time to insulate pipes and when the -6 degree weather struck, pipes fell victim.

For some people in Atlanta, the arrival of cold temperatures means there is a risk of frozen pipes in their building. Whenever the thermometer drops below freezing, water in unprotected pipes can freeze and wreak havoc. You may only have partial water service or no water service at all. If not taken care of immediately, those frozen pipes can burst, creating a potential disaster.

Frozen Pipe Repair

Frozen plumbing can be more than a temporary inconvenience in Atlanta.

Frozen water pipes can cause major damage when the pipe thaws and the water starts to flow. Frozen hot water heat lines will prevent heat from reaching parts of your building further compounding the problem causing more pipes to freeze. Water damage can result when a split water pipe occurs due to expansion caused by freezing. Thawing a pipe as soon as possible can help prevent a broken pipe.


Partial water service indicates that a pipe is frozen somewhere in the house. A complete lack of water service can be the result of a frozen water meter or a frozen pipe leading from the water main in the street to the house. .

We can help—once your plumbing is frozen, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the water supply. You can find the valve associated with the pipe and turn it off or if that does not work, shut off the main valve.
  • Remove all the items in the vicinity of the frozen or burst pipe.
  • Call Delta Plumbing. We have thaw machines to thaw frozen pipes so that the water can flow freely again. And if there is a crack or leak in the pipe, we can handle the leaking pipe repair.

What not to do once you have a frozen pipe:

  • Ignore it. Your pipe will not thaw by ignoring it. It will either freeze more and then burst or stay frozen until the temperature outside warms well above freezing.
  • Use a blowtorch. This can cause the water to heat up too fast in the pipe and cause it to expand thus breaking the pipe. There is also the danger of starting a fire causing more damage than the frozen pipe would cause.

What to do:
Call Delta Plumbing, the Educated Plumber.  We can handle whatever broken pipe or leaking pipe repair issues you have as a result of our cold winters.  Call now at 770-474-5555.

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My expansion tank burst on Friday afternoon, and they were able to have someone there for the repair that same afternoon. From the customer service agent who took the call, to the service man who did the repair, I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism...

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