Septic Tank Pumping & Cleaning

NOW $149 To Pump The Tank

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Routine Septic Maintenance 

$149 for 1000 gallon tank includes:

  • Pumping up to 1000 gallons of liquid.
  • Up to 18 inches of digging to uncover the tank lid.
  • Up to 6 inches of sludge (solid) removal.
  • Inspection of the tank to make sure it is working properly

$249 for 1500 gallon tank includes:

  • Pumping up to 1500 gallons of liquid
  • Up to 18 inches of digging to uncover the tank lid.
  • Up to 6 inches of sludge (solid) removal.
  • Inspection of the tank to make sure it is working properly

*Please Note

There is a $35 Environmental fee added to the flat rate.

Additional charges may apply if: Septic tank is excess of 1 FT in depth, septic tank has not been maintained well within 4 – 5 years of standard maintenance which causes excess solids and sludge, internal or external components of septic tank need to be repaired or replaced, there is excessive debris, roots, grease, or foreign objects in tank, field, or main line. For septic tanks that do not meet local city or county codes and for hours outside of 8 am – 5 pm

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Septic Tank Pumping & Cleaning


What you need to know about your septic tank:

  • Your septic system’s health needs to be maintained by a licensed professional.

  • A tank needs maintenance every 3-5 years according to the environmental health.

  • If a septic system is damaged, pumping the tank will not solve the problem.

  • Excavation of the tank is the only way to discover septic tank damage.

What causes damage to your septic tank:

  • Changes in the environment

  • Fractures in the field lines

  • Heavy object or vehicles stored on top of its surface

  • Changes in the soil due to excessive rain

  • Soil erosion


Delta Plumbing Specializes in Difficult Sites:

  • Limited space
  • Steep grades
  • Bad soil – rocky, clay, sandy
  • High ground water

Signs of Septic Problems:

  • Smell – sewage odor is present
  • Soggy or Muddy Soil
  • Look – sewage backup into your home’s plumbing
  • Noises – Gurgling or bubbling sound when a toilet is flushed or a sink is drained

How Often Should My Septic Tank Be Pumped?

The EPA loosely suggests that a tank be pumped every three to five years. But the true answer depends on several factors:

  • How much do you use your septic tank?
  • How many solids are you putting into the tank?
  • Do you have a garbage disposal?
  • How much do you use the garbage disposal?


We Offer the #1 Drain Pipe Cleaner Septic Tank Pumping & Cleaning


The Most Common Cause of Failure Is Neglecting To Have Your Septic Tank Pumped On A Regular Basis.

The only way to know how often a tank needs to be pumped is to check the tank itself for signs, such as:

  • High sludge levels
  • Scum buildup
  • Blocking of the inlet or outlet


Septic Tank Cleaning

We’ll Do Your Dirty Work

When it comes to your septic work, you absolutely need a professional to handle any problems. A leak in your septic tank or lines can get unpleasant very quickly. You can rely on the fast, expert plumbers at Delta Plumbing to complete your septic tank pumping, cleaning, and repair quickly and responsibly. We follow all environmental laws and regulations for Stockbridge, Atlanta, and the state of Georgia for septic waste disposal.

Keeping Up With Your Septic System

Did you know that most septic tanks should be inspected at least every three years? Also, if your septic system includes electric or mechanical parts, it should be inspected once a year. We’ll check your septic system for signs of leaks or backup, as well as operational wear, so you can catch problems before they start—because fixing septic tank problems is almost always more expensive than preventing them.

Reliable Septic Tank Services in Atlanta

Delta Plumbing offers complete septic system service for your home or business. Call us today for:

  • Environmentally friendly septic waste removal
  • Septic tank cleaning, repair, and treatment
  • Thorough septic system inspection
  • Drain field and septic line repair
  • Septic tank installation, including excavation and backfill

*Standard pumping is for a 1,000 gallon tank, not currently overfilled, and ready accessibility to tank opening.


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