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Tank water heaters, also called storage water heaters, have been the industry standard in home water heating for decades. These units keep a set amount of water stored and pre-heated to a particular temperature, usually 110 to 114 degrees Fahrenheit, for household use. The size of the storage tank varies, typically ranging from 20 to 100 gallons.

How Tank Water Heaters Work

The household’s hot water supply is directed through the water heater, which may use natural gas, propane, fuel oil, or electricity to power the heating element that warms the water. The fuel a hot water heater consumes is used at a slow rate, since the water is heated gradually. However, the water inside the tank cools down over time, and must be re-heated periodically. With tank water heaters, a household with a high demand for hot water may “run out,” as it takes time for fresh water to become heated.

Is A Tank Water Heater Right For You?

Tank water heaters are the most cost-efficient for new installations, making them an excellent choice for households on a budget. They can also be adapted to solar pre-heat applications, which can cut the cost of energy bills by using partial solar power for heating. This traditional water heater is ideal for smaller households in need of a fast, low-cost installation that requires little maintenance. The experts at Delta Plumbing have years of experience installing and maintaining tank water heaters. If you're in the market for a new hot water heater, contact us for your consultation.




















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