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Know the plumbing in your new home before you sign on the dotted line

Before you sign on the dotted line, inspect the plumbing in your new home thoroughly. Home buying is a huge undertaking that requires a significant amount of your time. After what can be an exhaustive search, you may finally find the home of your dreams and become ready to purchase it....

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Plumbing tools for the DIY enthusiast

Homeownership comes with many responsibilities including, but not limited to, emergency plumbing repairs. Regardless of whether a piece of jewelry has found its way down a sink drain or a toilet has decided to flood your bathroom floors with water, at some point minor repairs are necessary....

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The danger sewer gases present in your home

Aside from the unpleasant odor you’ll encounter when sewer gases begin to leak into your home, the dangers involved are too great to ignore. You’ll encounter difficulty breathing and risk chemical poisoning if gases coming from the sewer go unchecked. Because these gases come...

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Treat a sewer line right, and it will perform

Unless you have a septic system, you likely have a sewer line snaking out from your home, carrying sewage to local treatment plants. Why should you care about sewage lines? The lines can clog, overflow or crack, sometimes as a direct result of the actions of homeowners. Homeowners are...

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Septic maintenance tips homeowners can use for lasting results

If you think septic maintenance is only a job for the pros, you’re wrong. Homeowners can also participate in some maintenance steps to keep their septic systems in prime condition. These steps shouldn’t replace what a pro will do, but they will help keep your septic system in good...

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Stuck in a cycle of low water pressure? Get expert help

When water pressure gets too low, homeowners can have trouble taking a refreshing shower or completing simple household tasks such as washing their hands. No matter whether you need better water pressure for showers or washing clothes, it’s important to address low water pressure...

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How to install a sump pump

When learning how to install a sump pump, many homeowners discover there are challenging aspects to the work. In the degree of difficulty for do-it-yourself projects at home, it ranks somewhere between experienced and expert levels. You will need to use a jackhammer. You will also need to...

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No hot water? That's not a permanent problem

Have you ever been in the middle of a shower when suddenly there’s no hot water? It’s the worst, and it’s not the only scenario in which homeowners run out of hot water. It’s annoying for homeowners to lose hot water in the middle of a dishwasher cycle, laundry cycle or...

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Need affordable plumbing services when your water heater breaks down?

When homeowners experience water heater problems, finding affordable plumbing help quickly is priority number one. You don’t want to call just any technician when your plumbing is in trouble. You need an expert who can accurately assess whether the water heater is salvageable, and — if...

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Is the tankless water heater cost worth it?

The high efficiency of tankless water heaters may be beneficial to many Atlanta-area homeowners. Tankless models supply a stream of hot water for showers, baths and dishwashers without taking up much space. They are a far cry from the bulky water tanks that waste as much hot water as they...

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