Sewer gases are dangerous

Aside from the unpleasant odor you’ll encounter when sewer gases begin to leak into your home, the dangers involved are too great to ignore. You’ll encounter difficulty breathing and risk chemical poisoning if gases coming from the sewer go unchecked. Because these gases come through your home’s drain pipes, plumbers and sewer experts should be called in immediately. Here are ways to detect and limit the damage any sewer gas can have on your family’s well-being.

A disturbing range of dangers

Gases that originate in your home’s sewer system can lead to explosions in the house as well as asphyxiation and even death for anyone inside. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), you and your family risk hydrogen sulfide poisoning when this gas starts seeping from a home’s sewers. High concentrations of this gas can be fatal for humans and animals.

Methane, another gas that comes from sewers, can cause explosions and affect your ability to breath. When methane replaces the oxygen content of air in the home, you are likely to feel dizzy and nauseated, and you may even lose consciousness. Smaller proportions of methane or ammonia may lead to irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes in addition to general breathing problems.

Detection and prevention of leaking sewer gases

Detecting the smell of sewer gas quickly is important to keeping your family from harm. Homeowners may have noticed the rotten-egg smell of hydrogen sulfide in the past, so this smell is an instant warning sign. Ammonia is more intense and has a searing impact on the senses, causing eyes to water. If you notice either one of these reactions while at home, open the windows immediately, and get your family out of the house. Contact Delta The Educated Plumber to address the problems in your sewer system.

Plumbers will check to see if your home’s drains have become dry or if sewer gases are coming from cracks in the drain line or pipe vents, which InterNACHI cites as a common cause of leaks. In other cases, poorly installed or misplaced plumbing vents could have resulted in the potent gases leaking from the sewer system of your home. A worst-case scenario may point to a cracked foundation as the source of leaking gas. Though immediate action should suffice when you discover the presence of harmful gases at home, regular checks of your home performance can help prevent emergencies in plumbing and sewer systems.

Gases leaking from your home’s sewer system can wreak havoc on your famly’s health. Avoid these risks with a professional pipe and drain inspection by Delta the Educated Plumber. Their experts can assess the condition of your pipes to ensure that you and your family remain safe from harmful gases.

Image source: Flickr