AdobeStock 321238380Sewer lines are one of those items that continuously work in the background to keep your home running smoothly. Unfortunately, this makes it easy to neglect them until major damage occurs, at which point you’re left helpless until you receive service from a professional plumber. You can learn to identify and prevent some of the most common causes of sewer line problems by reading the information below.

Oily Deposits

Oily deposits are one of the most common causes of sewer line clogs. While they typically do not present a serious issue, they can build up over time and reduce the usable diameter of the sewer line, eventually clogging it entirely. Fortunately, normal oil clogs are an easy fix for professional plumbers. They are also easy to prevent. Simply avoid dumping fatty, oily, or greasy items down the drains.

Tree Roots

Some tree roots can extend two to four times out from the diameter of the crown and penetrate through even the smallest sewer line leak. Because wastewater is so packed with nutrients, root systems will explode inside the sewer line, eventually causing a clog or collapse. Identify where your home’s sewer line is and avoid planting any foliage with extensive root systems nearby.

Foreign Objects

If a flushed object doesn’t completely dissolve in water, it can become lodged in the pipes and accumulate oily buildup. Common items to avoid flushing include cat litter, hair, diapers, floss, and other hygiene products. Even some items marketed as “flushable” may pose a hazard to your plumbing system. A large amount of solids from a garbage disposal can also cause a sudden clog, so be sure to add food slowly while the disposal and water are both running.

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