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Warning signs: Sewage backing up into tub, toilets, sinks and may drain very slowly. Gurgling sounds may also come from plumbing system. 

Inlet baffle to tank is blocked or not working properly. This failure is very similar to when the inlet pipe from the house to the tank is clogged. Delta will inspect your inlet baffle opening, and repair or replace if necessary.

Routine maintenance pump will help your septic system have a long and problem-free life. Get your system pumped as needed (usually every 3-5 years). 

When a drainfield fails, or is saturated with water, sewage may backup into the home. Muddy and soggy areas may form above or near the drainfield.  We have a solution to rehab drainfields without the high cost of getting them replaced.  

Why Choose Delta To Service Your Septic tank:

1. We uncover & pump both sides of your septic tank of all liquid and sludge.

2. We inspect the inside of your tank from the inlet to the outlet.

3. We use a formulated enzyme to bio-degrade all types of organic waste. 

4. We provide options to repair your system without replacing drain fields.

How a septic tank system

  • Household water is flushed through an exit pipe into the septic tank.
  • Solids sink to the bottom and break down to form a sludge layer. Lighter solids like grease, oils, and fats, form at the top of the liquid forming a scum layer.
  • Natural bacteria that live in the septic tank constantly break down solid waste.
  • Liquid that is flushed into the tank is called effluent. In the tank, effluent is  treated by bacteria. When the tank fills up the liquid empties into the drain field then absorbed by soil.
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What you need to know about your septic tank:

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What causes damage to your septic tank:

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How Often Should My Septic Tank Be Pumped?

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The Health Department loosely suggests that a tank be pumped every three to five years. But the true answer depends on several factors:

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Delta Plumbing Specializes in Difficult Sites:

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Signs of Septic Problems:

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The Most Common Cause of Failure Is Neglecting To Have Your Septic Tank Pumped On A Regular Basis.

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Septic Tank Services And tips

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Please Note: 

Additional charges may apply if: Septic tank is excess of 1 FT in depth, septic tank has not been maintained well within 4 – 5 years of standard maintenance which causes excess solids and sludge, internal or external components of septic tank need to be repaired or replaced, there is excessive debris, roots, grease, or foreign objects in tank, field, or main line. For septic tanks that do not meet local city or county codes and for hours outside of 8 am – 5 pm
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