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Leak detection

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Delta’s leak detecting team has state of the art leak detection equipment to locate and repair any type of leak. When you have a leak inside or outside your house you want a technician that is equipped with an advanced leak detector and knowledge. Our equipment and training allows us to find any type of leak accurately and quickly as possible so we get the job done right! 

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Some signs in a water line leak aren't immediately recognized. We use advance technology to locate underground leaks including driveways with great accuracy. 

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Water lines under slab foundation can deteriorate over time and cause pinhole leaks which can cause damage to your home.  With the right equipment we can pinpoint these leaks and repair the issue.

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The Most Common Signs You May Have a Leak:

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We provide alternative solutions for a non-invasive leak detection

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Additional charges may apply for leak location equipment, gaining access to leak or plumbing system, accessibility of leak or plumbing system.

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Delta's Leak Detection Tips

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