3 Signs Your Septic System Is In Trouble

A faulty septic system can cause major problems for a homeowner. Leaking pipes can contaminate the local water supply, while backed up drains and toilets can create a foul mess in your home. For help avoiding costly problems, familiarize yourself with the following signs of a septic system in need of maintenance:

Backed Up Household Fixtures

Slow running drains, gurgling noises from sinks and toilets, and foul odors throughout your home are sure signs of problems with your septic system. Most of the time, the cause is an overfilled septic tank. Tanks fill up when a septic system can no longer keep up with the inflow of waste. If you have been using a lot of water, or if your system has not been pumped in a while, backups could become an issue.

Standing Water

Standing water in your yard is another indication of septic system problems. The cause is typically a septic system that is not draining properly due to an excessive amount of waste. If you know where your system’s field line is, look there for signs of excessive water such as pools of water or grass a shade greener than its surroundings. The field line is the fork-shaped system of pipes used to carry water from your septic system to an area where it can be absorbed.

Contaminated Water

A silent, but nonetheless hazardous, sign of a septic system problem is contaminated water. Aging septic systems have the tendency to leak, contaminating the local groundwater supply. This can find it’s way into local waterways, or worse, into the water you drink in your home. To avoid this issue, have your wells tested regularly for bacteria and schedule routine maintenance of your septic system.

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