Over time, even a minor plumbing leak can cause significant damage to your Atlanta home. Aside from the fact that a small leak can turn into a big one, a constant drip under your kitchen sink can produce a lot of water — water that will swell and deteriorate the cabinet if it is not addressed as soon as possible. By identifying and repairing even the smallest leak quickly, you can save hundreds of dollars by eliminating the damage a plumbing leak will cause.

Plumbing leaks can happen anytime and anywhere water or drain lines are present. Knowing the signs of a potential leak is paramount when it comes to heading off the damage they will cause. Aside from the obvious signs of a dripping P-trap under your kitchen sink, you should also be aware of other, less noticeable signs of a leak occurring.

Wall leaks

Plumbing leaks concealed in a wall usually go unnoticed until the damage has already been done. Without X-ray vision, the best you can hope for is to discover it quickly and head off as much damage as possible. Tell-tale signs of a leaking pipe inside a wall are mold or mildew on the wall surface, swollen baseboard, water pooling along the baseboard or the wall being damp to the touch in areas where plumbing pipes are located.

Tub leaks

The tub drain is another area prone to developing minor leaks. The shoe or foot drain located underneath the tub is major culprit due to improper installation. These types of leaks are very difficult to identify because both the tub and the adjacent walls conceal them. Since a tub drain leak is not under pressure, the leak is slow and methodical, but it can cause damage. The main identifying factor is damp flooring around the area directly behind the tub or shower controls.


A plumbing leak left un-repaired will not only damage your home, but can also damage your health. Mold and mildew growth most certainly will appear anywhere there are damp conditions void of sunlight. They produce spores that can become airborne and are detrimental to your health. Repairing the leak and removing any moldy or mildewed material as soon as possible is recommended.

These examples are just a couple of areas where a minor plumbing leak can occur. For expert advice on leaky plumbing, you should contact Delta The Educated Plumber. Since 1974, Delta Plumbing has provided its customers in the greater Atlanta area with expert service and advice.